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DommLife is a Cannabis cafe lifestyle lounge. We offer many products and services to help you relax and unwind after your hard working day.

 Inside our Hemp Wellness Market, we house CBD Emporium, The Coughee Co., the Hemp Spa Collective and more.  At Dommlife you can get an CBD infused snack and coffee, order your cannabis,  have a meeting, get your nails and hair done, pick up your CBD products and meet like-minded individuals in the same space on the same day. But, DommLife is more than a space or a physical location. DommLife is a lifestyle of Safety, Accountability, and Collaboration. We don’t judge – we encourage. We’re tearing down barriers and building up the medical cannabis community.

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833.366.6669 #ex.1


3123 E Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85008



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