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About Us

DOMM is a full service medical marijuana delivery provider.

DOMM goes a step further and provides free access to doctors, for patients suffering from qualifying conditions. Our web app will allow you to instantly and easily place your order for medicine, with speedy delivery. Our registered, licensed, and insured drivers will deliver your meds to your private secured location. Our goal is to provide qualifying patients with discreet access to medical marijuana. We deliver a full range of high quality products. Every harvest is grown in a climate-computer-controlled warehouse located in Phoenix, AZ.

We also deliver a full line of edibles, as well as cannabis oil and atomizers. All of the oils we deliver are processed on site to the highest standards in the industry. The process maintains medicinal potency and great flavor. We also deliver a full line of cannabis related accessories, from glass pipes and bongs, to THC creams and tinctures. We at DOMM understand, in today’s busy world, people don’t always have the time or transportation to get to doctors or dispensaries. We are alleviating those concerns. We can send a doctor to your work or home for a free consultation.



Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Tuesday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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