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Cannafriends at DOMMlife

June 28, 2018
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Last week’s Cannafriends was a huge success!

Cannafriends is a networking community of Phoenix based entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of Phoenix at DOMMlife Lifestyle Lounge, about fifty individuals involved in the cannabis industry got together for a night of networking. Around 5 pm, everyone began to enter the space ready to mingle.

At the cafe, everyone began to order an iced coffee or fresh tea to hydrate from the summer heat while snacking on the delicious appetizer trays provided by Cannafriends. Once the participants were refreshed and ready to go, they gathered in the modern bubble chairs and round couches to begin chatting with one another.

After about thirty minutes of hanging out and getting to know one another, Staci and Amy, who ran the event, gathered everyone in a circle to catch up on what’s been happening in the network.

While playing a step-out-circle type game, everyone at Cannafriends soon saw that people drove all the way from Tucson to attend, as well as about twenty new members.

Cannafriends is a great way for anyone working in the industry to network, learn more, and meet new contacts. If you are yet to attend, we highly suggest you make it out to the next one.